Thank you for visiting.
Let me share a little about myself.

I'm an author, educator, and lifelong student who, for the longest time, kept each avenue of my learning separate. This included all the information I received toward my academic, creative, spiritual, and physical journeys. 

In only recent years, I've recognized the common links between them–synchronicities, themes, and a lot of cause and effect. It's all connected, just as we are all connected.

And at the center of it all: the heart.

I always explored my ideas and "aha!" moments through writing and several-hour phone conversations with my best friend. Now, I want to share them with you. 

My background includes writing fiction, teaching young children, studying psychology and the mind-body connection, practicing meditation, and creating my life the way I want it.

I've learned the power of the heart and the mind, and I've experienced the intense inner peace that exists when the two act in cohesion. Through Love Notes, my goal is to evoke your curiosity and wonder. It's to inspire you to take action to attain what you most want. It's to help you raise your own heart energy and share that loving peace with those around you. And it's to awaken your inner child who's ready to keep growing and learning.

This reminds me...You'll find "the child" mentioned often. In fact, there's an entire segment of the site dedicated to Children & Peace because they hold so much inspiration and insight, yet they're often disregarded and underestimated. I've spent seventeen years working with, studying, and observing children from an array of backgrounds. My own education has been centered on child development and psychology. I encourage you to enjoy my writings on children no matter your own experiences with children. But if you choose not to explore that page, that's okay too.

With love and light,

     Jamie Lewis